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Freelance Video Production

with lots of energy.

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Video Production by heart since 2012

SINJEN Video has been making stylish and exciting videos for large and small customers since 2012. Philipp is one of the brains behind SINJEN and has been leading the Video Lab since 2019 (formerly Video Wizards). Since the beginning of the SINJEN story, Philipp has been working successfully with his own customers and with other freelancers. He brings with him many contacts in the video-oriented business and guarantees an extraordinarily passionate project implementation.


Your idea in the best light

SINJEN Video Lab has a knack for unobtrusive, moody and contemporary image videos. Telling stories needs to be learned and we have them: the twists and ideas that make a successful spot. We show you, your company, your team or your product in the best light. Tell us your vision and let's do everything we can to make it a reality. We design, deliver locations, actors and/or equipment and professionally guide you through an exciting shooting day. Together with you, we develop concepts and ideas, span dramaturgical arcs and determine suitable locations. Then we take over the planning, guide you through the days of shooting, produce your image video and give it the finishing touches in post-production. The result is not only beautiful to look at, but also attracts the attention of (potential) customers.


The SINJEN Video Lab is fully equipped with the latest drone technology and brings the right aerial images for all your needs. Our team includes certified drone pilots.



Philipp is the head of SINJEN Video Lab. He has been working as a freelance video producer for 10 years. He mainly specializes in music videos and commercials. He is located in the Sinjen HQ in Emmenbronx.


Philipp is a passionate filmmaker. For years he has been making his own short film productions. He is open minded and always very enthusiastic about creative challenges.



Your sound with the best picture

Opinions differ on music and tastes. But it is clear that if your song comes with a suitable image, your sound will be associated with more elements and content and it may be heard more or the song has more potential to go viral. Many musicians have the visual vision for their song, others know how to convey a mood. Still others are grandiose performers. We at the SINJEN Lab take your music and get the most visually exciting product out of the sounds. We'll help you show your best side so that ears perk up once more.


Beautiful pictures to remember

Whether it's a gala event or a hardcore metal concert, SINJEN Video Lab is right there with the event and knows where the exciting things are happening. Visually stunning memories of a great day without missing a moment, SINJEN documents and produces an event recap for you at top speed. We are always adventurous and look forward to exciting moments with our customers.


We bring the pictures to life

Philipp has always loved breathing life into things. The fascination of image sequences that lead to perceptible movements is great and a huge passion at SINJEN.


SINJEN makes from pixel and 2D animation to simple 3D designs, lyric videos, info videos and also hand-drawn animations. However, only specific projects with exciting concepts for long-term implementation are shortlisted.

Image Films
Music Videos
Event Recaps
Animation / SFX
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