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Improvised / Psychedelic

Sodar” is an acronym and stands for “Sound Detecting And Ranging” - an acoustic remote measurement method used in meteorology. But Sodar is also a bunch of young freaks who have enjoyed making experimental music together since 2018, including jazz guitarist Yannick Keel, his brother Jérôme Keel (percussion), drummer Marvin Studer and Raphael Gass on electric bass.


Sodar describe their sound as Improvised music / Psychedelic / Soundscapes - somewhere between jazz, psy-dub, rock, electronic music, catchy grooves, as well with influences from contemporary music, a pinch of trash and, above all, great improvisational freedom.


«We try to create our own worlds of sound - soundscapes - in which we can express ourselves improvisationally, and we would like to take our listeners on a journey to unknown places. Like Sodar devices, we also send out sound impulses and are curious to see what comes back from the audience. "


Laniakea is the name of the first musical journey the quartet will take you on this year and this journey starts here via SINJEN.


Their appearance as part of the Fröhlich Info AG Mittendrin project gives you a foretaste:


Sodar @ Mittendrin bei Fröhlich

Booking Contact:

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