Short Movies


Astroknight has been writing and realizing its own genre stories for around 10 years. Inspired by the big films of the 80s and Arthaus cinema of the 2000s - by directors such as Darren Aronofsky, Richard Kelly, David Lynch, Spielberg and Carpenter - he has since tried to perfect his own special mix of genres.

However, Astroknight would never reduce himself to some sort of drawer. So far he has moved from science fiction to trash horror but that will not be permanent.

Astroknight has now merged his films that have been made in the last 10 years in a first web series. In the first season we see a wide variety of stories and faces as well as the craziest approaches of realisation.

Always regarding a contemporary, inexpensive, money saving methodology for making films; Secret Wilds Season 1 is also a testimony to the development of Astroknight as a filmmaker.


The films are released in the German original and on Youtube with English subtitles. The intention of the films is not commercial, nor have they been shown at festivals or in cinemas. This is real underground shit for you freaks and nerds, and you can enjoy it all for yourself.