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Video Artist / Photographer

With her creativity and passion for film and photography, Serah Saner produces under the name Sayleanfilms and implements a wide variety of projects for customers and for herself. Be it corporate or artsy - it unfolds in all directions. The focus is on strong, emotional images linked to the customer's vision.

Saylean brings a multifaceted passion with a view to details but also effective complete works. She has a good hand as a camerawoman and connects people on many levels through her communicative nature. She is an exciting, rapidly developing artist and all SINJEN artists really appreciate working with her.

Through various film events and photography, she slipped into the business as a freelancer videographer. Also Saylean loves to make her own artistic short films.


She also has a lot of experience and knowledge in the field of social media management and social media marketing. In this way, she builds up her social media channels for companies or builds on existing ones, analyzes the situation and creates suitable content in images, video or text and then takes care of the desired or required channels.

Visit Saylean's Official Filmmaker Website:

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