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SABER is unique. She is the support pole in the stormy sea. She is the SINJEN Grandma and hosts almost every ninja event. And she makes everyone look small.

She loves anime and crazy, surreal art. Her heart still lives in Japan, but she is currently taking care of the plants and gardens in Switzerland. In every area where SABER lends a hand, she brings out the best in herself.

SABER makes you coffee, does your hair, plays Mario Kart with you (and you will fail miserably). or reads the cards. She is a versatile, motivated personality with a penchant for perfectionism. This is evident in her design, as well as in her pixel art and in her energetic attitude.

Saber has a lot of good, contemporary ideas. She lends her voice to different SINJEN game characters. In any case she has a decisive influence on the development of the SINJEN projects. The ninjas are happy to have her with them.