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Eric bought his first camera in 2015, against the will of his parents. He felt a strong interest in photography and wanted to pursue this intention. After two years of learning all around his new gadget, he took his cam to a concert, just to take some pictures for his friends. Later, he began to release his pictures under the name “riccomat”, which would become a staple in the local metal scene soon.

Since then, riccomat has gained a lot of experience from small club shows to even shooting on the main stage of the Greenfield Festival.

Today, riccomat offers high quality concert pictures, creative portrait photos and even music videos with fast turn over time. His reputation as the “fastest” photographer in Switzerland was gained for a reason, as he often times edits the pictures right after the shoot or after the concert through the night.

He is always keen in trying new things with his camera and throwing himself out of the comfort zone. This is how he got his first tries at wedding and boudoir photography.

Besides photography, he is an active musician: he plays passionately guitar and is currently learning his way into harsh vocals with covers.


You can get more insights into his work on the official RICCOMAT website, directly at

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