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How A.I. changed our lifes already

Updated: Jan 26

The times are not only politically exciting. In the past year, the popularity of A.I. instruments increased massively. SINJEN plunged into the pot of artificial image development months ago and can conclude that all are Pro A.I. in our circles.

Time to change

The first artists are already turning the wheel, they would be robbed. We say, why didn't you feel when the smartphone came along, or the internet? We fight for our rights in a mosh pit.

AI doesn't do anything forbidden, especially since the output is prompt with each new second and is completely new. Midjourney will have to explain that to some dishes, that's for sure, but for us as artists this is one of the most contemporary, exciting tools that gives even more foreshadowing of a certain future. And I don't mean Skynet. As A.I. Giger also releases a SINJEN artist A.I. generated art. We would like to try various things and will keep you informed about the developments.

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