N01R has a Master of Arts in Music and has been playing guitar for 23 years and comes from a family of artists. He is a founding member of the band Ghost Lights and has been an independent audio engineer since 2018.

In the creative kitchen of the Sinjen HQ in Lucerne he prepares orders for customers, everything garnished with the appropriate N01R seasoning - whereby he mainly works as a producer. N01R writes minimalist beats through to complex arrangements for film music and video games. Among other things, he collaborates with countless artists, working intensively with them and claiming to raise the sound to a new level.


The influences for his music are versatile and range across genres from grunge (Nirvana, Alice in Chains), to metal (Dillinger Escape Plan, Meshuggah) and classic (György Ligeti, Steve Reich) to even contemporary excesses like trap (IC3PEAK, Ghostmane , Scarlxrd) where he is currently developing himself and has opened a new chef's kitchen. N01R is chef de cuisine and the main character of his music is dark, expressive and mostly packed in rousing and dramaturgically sophisticated song structures.

His main course are tough 808s. The menu ranges from modern & punchy to dirty & rough.

«N01R» is the program here.

Its minimalist directness and complex density as a contrast offers an enormous range for cooperation with all possible types of artists from the most varied of genres and with the most varied of chemicals inside the bodies.

N01R currently works as a producer for solo artists such as:

Gxstpill, BØNE, Lila Martini, Ayachi, Alex Pray, Drave, Hillay, Dave Grunewald (ex Annisokay), OSIS

He is also arranger and co-writer for bands such as: Sickret, Xordia, A Lost Game


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