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Mimi is the truest masterpiece in the SINJEN department. Her smile is enchanting, her manner is entertaining and there is no other Mimi in the world. She has always been passionate about music, but claims she wasn't cut out for the big stage.

Mimi is an extrovert sales talent. She has a natural charm and likes to actively approach people. She also makes really good tips. But Mimi also knows how to separate work and free time efficiently, even if she is a real, real party person at heart. Our Mimi is very adaptable, but has the talent to always remain 100% Mimi.

She has proven her lurid personality and sales talent with many bands including Sickret, Ghost Lights and Artifiction.


Are you also interested in having a Mimi Masterpiece in your life? Then check out Mimi's merchandise today and write to her... and be nice.

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