Lila Martini is a newcomer rapper from Basel with an independent spirit who knows how to confront easily and stylishly. As the reincarnation of a Pipilotti in Trap, she deals with topics such as individualism, feminism and self-determination without euphemisms. Intoxicating vibes and memorable punchlines are pre-programmed.


Lila studies art and pursued all sorts of art-oriented professions, that's why she does the animations in her music videos for herself. She loves to slip into different roles. In addition, she likes to address her aimlessness and the disorientation of adult people in her songs. If you ask her what she's doing, she'll tell you: "Just vibin ’and mostly dreamin’".


Lila started rapping in 2018 with a featuring on the P-ILL song "Eule". After her double single release "Lila" in 2019, Lila Martini was sure to have discovered a new passion. Together with Linguini she subsequently produced the first 3-track EP "Juja". Since then she has been actively involved in the role of women in the German rap scene. The swiss rapper draws inspiration from life and from acts such as Shake, Hayiti, 070, Chlobocop, JPEGMAFIA or RIN.

Latest Media


Juja (2020)


Lila (2019)



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