Gxstpill has been writing stories and drawing comics since he was kid. His first independent comic release was titled TMNT vs. Frankenstein, there was just one issue and he sold it to his grandmother.


He's not only Vocalist in Ghost Lights, since 2018 he startet to make music in german and english, as a solo artist (Gxstpill). P-ill does dark cloudtrap with metal and pop influences. In doing so, he draws inspiration from a wide variety of artists and media through to literature and video games that drives him to make music. Some of his favorite artists for several decades have been Kid Cudi, Ghostpoet & Tyler The Creator.


Gxstpill only came to the crossover with the current band Ghost Lights and has been in the Trap Business for 2 years. Previously he was on stage with various metal bands such as Fallen Century or Kill The Unicorn. Like many contemporary artists, Gxstpill makes his own music videos and visuals. He has been producing his albums in SINJEN Tower HQ (Switzerland) with his buddy N01R since the very beginning. Also he is Managing Director of SINJEN. You can imagine, he's a busy guy.

Latest Media


Album Releases

Corpus Delicti (2020)

Error 95 (2018)

Single Releases

Launebär (2021)

Wingman (2021)

Grand Prix (2021)

Tony (2019)


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