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Producer / Rapper

Contravoz and his feature guests show what they do best.

Badass Spanish/English rap parts on a relentless hip-hop, electronica and bass foundation.


The sound of war, hard hitting drums on distorted synths, wild scratch interludes, Furious screams and uncompromising rap parts. Contravoz combines trap, dubstep, hardstyle, 90s rap and hardcore attitude to a sound collage that never loses brutality and aggression.

The first address for fans of aggressive sound, with flow variations, impacting voices and full-bodied lyrics, influenced by electronica and metal, all songs are performed in spanish and english.
Influenced by open mic contests in the past, horrible town parties and even bad B-rated movies, the humour of the lyrics show and are represented as exaggerated  parties, Bizarre situation humor, food, and violent metaphors in which he “destroy” fictitious enemies.

Also, the fact that he occasionally isolates himself in a room of a former prison to write his music certainly has an influence on the atmosphere of his songs. Contravoz is self-made - 100%.


From the music, the videos, the cover artwork to the final production. Everything was planned and realized in thousands of hours and only made possible by the support of various people with expert knowledge.


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