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BØNE is a young afro swiss musician and artist. Raised in Basel, she spent her childhood in museums and in local comic and manga shops. Inspired by the great masters of the art and manga world, BØNE strives to becoma a manga artist herself.

Besides art, music is her other passion. You can hear and feel her African roots in her songs. Singing and dancing has always been a part of BØNE's life. Early on she came into contact with good music from Jethro Tull, Gorillaz and Tanzanian sounds. 

Today she celebrates the whole music spectrum from soul to trap and from afrobeat to techno.

Her first album "Koi Koi" (2019) deals with the different facets of relationships. With soul and electro sounds, she preaches self-love in her album, but half a year later BØNE released her afro-trap single "Soul Eater" (2019) and tempts the listener to dance.

BØNE is full of energy and knows how to capture her emotions in her music and art. Her style is vibrant, feminine and cheeky.

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Koi Koi (2019)

Single Releases

Reason (2022)

Painter/Be Water (2021)

DAWN: 23.04.1996 (2021)

Bad Witches (2020)

Soul Eater (2019)

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