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Mix & Mastering

Professional Audio Engineering



Full production support

SINJEN Audio Lab is offering a full Production support, consisting: Arrangements, Sounddesign & Composing

The SINJEN Audio Lab offers a wide range of producing services:



Are you a solo artist and need someone to write and record custom songs for you? We are happy to help you and produce your instrumentals for you.




You are a producer yourself and are looking for support in completing your track or simply want to get an additional professional opinion? Then the co-producing offer is a good choice.




A flowing arrangement, well-placed effects and balanced layering can take a song to a new level. If you put a lot of time into a song, many artists lose sight of the overall picture. We help you to refine your vision and to be able to make effective decisions.




Many rap and trap artists look for their beats on platforms like "Beatstars". It's possible to find the exact beat you're looking for. But you often don't find it exactly the right beat for the topic you are writing about or you have problems making the rhyme structure suitable for the beat. In addition, the licenses for the use of the beat is sold to many artists (so it's possible that other artists use the same beat as you). A tailor-made beat has the advantage that such problems can be avoided. SINJEN beats belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them.




You have produced a film or a game and are looking for the right soundtrack? We compose music timed to your cut and thus create the perfect symbiosis of image and sound according to your wish. By using sound libraries, there are no longer any limits. From huge orchestral sound to vintage-sounding instrumentals, anything is possible.


Audio is now a big part of advertising. If an advertisement has poor sound quality, the product is also perceived as inferior. In the SINJEN Audio Lab we attach great importance to this and guarantee a production that does not fail to have an impact on large platforms.



Comfortable recording sessions

Do Recording Sessions in the Audio Lab Vocal Booth/Live-Room with live support and coaching. Without time pressure.

A good sound is already created during the recording. Although a lot is possible in post-processing today, the quality of the recordings should be at the highest level right from the start. For this reason, we try to support you from the beginning so that your songs sound the way they should. We support you in playing, help you choose the right instruments, amps, microphones and effects. That means work until we are all satisfied! There's more to a great-sounding record than a few well-recorded tracks. It's important to us to get YOUR musical vision on "tape" (we don't just hit the record button!). During recording sessions, you should be able to focus on your game. We take care of the rest and try to make your production as relaxed as possible.


Songs and artists produced, mixed
or/and mastered by



Only the best for your sound

Here you pay for the sweat, not the gear!

SINJEN offers individual and unique sound - no pre finished


Total 3D soundfeeling, delivering a hybrid workflow. All mastered

music is fully optimized for streaming and contemporary listening.


A mix makes or breaks the sound of a record. It's the most complex and difficult step in a production and requires a lot of creative decisions. We've mixed a lot of productions over the last few years that were recorded by other studios or the bands and musicians themselves. It's a good idea to talk to us BEFORE you start recording. This way we can make sure that everything is as we need it later in the mixing process. Very often we also reamp guitar and bass tracks when mixing, so please make sure you include clean DI tracks of all guitars and basses as well. It's too difficult to answer all mix-related questions, so please get in touch if you're thinking about mixing your music at the SINJEN Audio Lab.


Mastering is the final creative step before your music is released to the public. We do our best to make your recordings sound loud and punchy, but not lifeless and distorted. We try to balance the frequency range musically and get rid of annoying or hyped frequencies. It is important to us to offer the artists who have their songs mastered by us the opportunity to keep up with the biggest acts from the respective genre. This includes that we constantly develop and thus ensure that our methods and equipment are always up to date. We prefer to do stem mastering whenever possible. That means you give us the instrument group tracks of your productions as you mixed them. This way we can troubleshoot easier when needed from the mix, and often achieve a better result. Of course, a stereo master is also possible. So if your mixes need that finishing touch, contact us!

Mix & Mastering
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