The music of Artifiction portrays a mix of wild and technical riffs blended with ethereal, ambient passages that correlate to the world and how there's always a balance in life and that we must upkeep it. You are never alone when going through something, and that is one of our core messages we try to convey.

As a young band, Artifiction wants to spread their message to all parts of the world, and see all the beautiful places it has to hold. Seeing their lyrics hit peoples hearts, and knowing that they  can make a difference in this world, with all the wars and conflicts going on, pushing to spread love, helping and aiding each other rather than bring each other down.

"We have only scratched the surface of what Artifiction truly is. Helping each other to new levels, pushing each other every day, spreading love everywhere we can, is our vision. We are all one. Let's make this place we call home one to be remembered for peace and love, not wars and bloodshed."

Artifiction are:

Sven Christian Sundin - Vocals
Marc Schaffo - Lead Guitar
Ted Kaiser - Rhythm Guitar
Marco Rumsch - Bass

Mischa Blaser - Drums

Firstly formed in 2017 under a different constellation, the Pulsar EP was recorded and mixed, then released in 2018. Shortly following the line up changes, Sun was released in April of 2019. 

Currently writing an album (TBA), looking forward to playing Festivals and Venues all across Europe. 

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