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Rapper / Producer

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Inspired by artists like Eminem, 2Pac, Kool Savas and Samy Deluxe, Alex Pray found his way into the music world and started writing lyrics at the age of 15. Even then he was very cerebral and wrote songs that spoke to his soul.


After some time and playing around with Reason 4, Cubase 5 and Logic 9, he met Chris Pheenix and together they started to get serious about producing beats. Since then he has been creating his songs from A-Z on his own; including mixing. ​


From battle rap, party music to emotional songs, Alex Pray has everything. Today he mainly makes honest, authentic music with which he tries to differentiate himself from the mainstream. He also likes to craft songs out of pure joy with close friends like the SINJEN crew. ​ Today, however, Alex Pray is first and foremost a beat maker.


Its facets range from powerful EDM drops, hard oriental beats, indie beats with a touch of dancehall to rocky crossover instrumentals. There are no genre boundaries for him, but a striking feature of his music is definitely that it is atmospheric.

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